Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 29 & 30 Weeks. Plus My Baby Shower!

29.5 Weeks at my Baby Shower

30 Weeks

I can't believe I'm showing this, but I may as well embrace it, stretchmarks and all. 
This is the first picture we've taken of the bare belly. 
Size of Babies/Size of Me/Dr Appointments:   We had another growth ultrasound at 29.5 weeks.  Baby A is in the same position, head down (very low), facing in, spine out and I can feel his butt bulging out on my upper right side all the time.  His heartbeat was 152 and his weight is estimated to be 3 lbs 7 oz.  He is in the 62nd percentile. 
Baby B is head down now (or at least he was for this ultrasound).  At first he was almost transverse coming sideways up across my belly but at the end of the ultrasound his feet were up top.  His heartbeat was 161 and his weight estimated at 3 lbs 10 oz.  He is in the 79th percentile. 
It was great to find out where they are because I’m constantly feeling kicking and movement below my rib cage so I'm happy to know that is two sets of feet.  Also, I feel a lot of pressure low and on my bladder making it hard to walk sometimes and now I know that is from not one, but two heads pressing on it! 
We also met with the nurse practioner and my blood pressure was great and I had lost 2 more lbs. That puts the weight gain at 20 which I know is hard to believe looking at the size of that belly above.  She said that was a good weight gain and not too little. I'm thinking now that I'm balancing out my food better, that may help control all the weight that comes on at the end. We'll see. Not that I'm trying to lose weight, but it would be easier in the end to not have to lose it afterwards! Let's face it, this belly is going to need a major overhaul!  (Update:  As of yesterday's weight check with my diabetic educator, I am back up the 4 lbs).
38 weeks is the Dr.'s goal mark for delivery so we decided we should probably start saying our due date is June 4th, maybe? Lungs are fully developed at 38 weeks so while they won't say they "induce" on this date, I bet I wouldn't go past 38 weeks as otherwise it isn't good for the babies. Starting after 32 weeks I will have appts twice a week for ultrasounds and non-stress tests. For the non-stress test they will hook monitors up to each baby and I guess I press a button each time I feel kick/movement and then they will check babies' heartrates at that time and make sure they aren't in distress. As long as each appt goes well, babies will stay put.
Gestational Diabetes:  Well, I failed my one hour and three hour gestational diabetes test.  It was a shock and I had a no good, very bad, very sad, crying day over it.  Probably my first of many feelings of 'Mommy Guilt' thinking I could have done something to prevent it.  I know I've pressed the sugar button a lot this pregnancy, but it has still been in moderation and overall we eat pretty good.  We write a food blog about cooking at home for crying out loud!  After a day and doing some reading online, Chris helped me pick myself back up and start to tackle it.  We met right away with the diabetes educator.  There really isn't much I have to change with my diet, just adding more protein to the meals I eat and snacking a lot more throughout the day.  I have to prick my finger and test my blood sugar 4X a day (upon waking, 2 hrs after breakfast, 2 hrs after lunch and 2 hrs after dinner).  In between each meal I should be eating a small snack 3X a day.  I need to have carbs with every meal, but balance it with some kind of protein.
For the most part I've been able to control my numbers with the change in eating.  But where I'm struggling is my fasting number upon waking which is still too high.  This is insulin resistance in the background due to the sugar that the body and hormones are making on their own and cannot be controlled by diet.  So, in order to control that I've now been put on more thing to keep track of!  Although as of right now I am just taking a small dose at night.  I figure I've taken over 200 shots in the last two years, so this insulin shot is really nothing.  And I gotta do what I gotta do! 
I've learned to love a few snacks I never really tried before:  grapes with string cheese, vanilla greek yogurt with strawberries & cashews, whole wheat toast with natural unsalted peanut butter and sugar free pudding.  I look forward to my pudding snack every night.  I've also been pairing deli meat with things since it is a good protein. Feels good to be eating deli meat/sandwiches again.  I don't feel I've had to alter much since food-wise everything I need to eat is what I already eat/like. Dinners really remain the same.  It was the snacking and protein I had to increase and changing breakfast.  No more fresh juice......that really ups my number in the morning.  I do miss the sweets a bit, but I also eat a lot with this meal plan so don't feel hungry for the sweets.  Plus I can add them later on I'm sure once I get a hang of my blood sugar levels and how diff foods affect it. 
And I've actually felt better this last week (aches and pains of pregnancy aside).  I do feel pretty confident now that it really isn't anything I was doing, but rather with the two placentas taking over everything, the body just can't break down the sugars like usual.

Milestones: We finished our Marvelous Multiples classes.  All were very interesting and we learned so much.  Luckily I don't think we got the crap scared out of us about labor, but it really did open our eyes.  I can honestly say I have no opinion on natural or cesarean birth.....both have their goods and bads if you ask me.  I'll be happy with whatever option delivers two healthy babies.  Another milestone is I actually felt a true case of hiccups. Pretty sure it was Baby A as felt them very low.  Gosh, they hiccup fast!  It went on for a few minutes so even Chris got to feel.  Since then it has happened a few more times.
Aches and Pains: Babies must have had a growth spurt this past Sunday/Monday as I was so tired both days and they were moving and kicking up a storm.  Days like that really do take a lot out of me and I'm not worth much.  Grocery shopping on Sunday I couldn't wait to get back home and lay down.  Back is also sore after a long day and I've been sitting down when I can during making dinner.  Some days I am literally huffing and puffing trying to get myself in bed feeling so tired and worn out.  Luckily this isn't everyday yet.
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  Juice.  I really miss having juice in the morning for breakfast.  Water just gets so boring and believe me, I drink a ton of it.  I was told that flavored waters would be ok, so might try that.  Or, I can do the juice and then take a fast acting insulin at the same time which could help to regulate my blood sugar as it is juice and fruit that really spikes it for me.  The good thing about this is that my Dr. said they don't want to deprive me of anything, so we just have to work to find ways to be able to have these things in moderation but keep the blood sugar down.  I also miss having energy all the time.
Worries:  Chris recently asked me if I'm starting to worry or get anxiety about labor or bringing babies home.  I don't think I really am yet.  I'm still focused on getting through the remainder pregnancy and just want to be able to maintain a healthy environment for me and babies.  It is still a one day at a time process for me with short-term goals week to week.  I just want to be able to work as long as I can, stay comfortable as long as I can and still be able to get out and enjoy myself before babies are here without being too tired.  I had a great day last Saturday, brunch with a friend, errands, playtime with Liam, Lily and Anna and then even still had energy for a date night with Chris for dinner downtown at Ginger and ice cream (kiddie scoop) at Purple Door.  (Both places were AMAZING by the way and my blood sugar was within limits after it!)  But then I've had a few rough days this week and that makes me nervous if they start to stick around.  
Sleep:  Sleep has been pretty good up until the last few nights.  Just starting to feel restless and turning is becoming a real chore.  I'll start each night by sleeping about 1.5-2 hours max until I have to get up and use the bathroom or my sore hips wake me up.  Then its a lot of grunting again to switch sides, rearrange pillows and get comfortable to be up again shortly.  The sore hips are getting pretty bad with the extra weight and belly will be sore also from lying on my side even when I try to support it with pillows.  I'm still in bed all night and not having to sleep sitting up yet and I want to keep it that way.  Chris on the other hand is starting to feel phased out in bed with so many pillows, etc.  We'll see how much longer we make it before he has to sleep in the spare room if things get more uncomfortable and I need to completely take over the bed.  
Notable Moments:  My baby shower of course!  Thrown by my sisters, my friend Denise and the Grandmothers-to-be.  It was at Cafe Lulu in Bayview and was perfect, perfect, perfect.   Great food by Cafe Lulu, a red velvet cake from Delicately Delicious in Cedarburg (my fave kind of cake), a relaxed environment and surrounded by excited friends and family.  The gifts were generous and there was a crazy-ton of them.  We are very grateful.   

Now for some baby shower pics:

With the Excited Grandmas

Hosted by my lovely sisters and best friend Denise
Red velvet cake, great food and enough gifts for quintuplets!
I'm lucky to have such supportive and generous friends 
I am 31 weeks today.  Hope I get to post again in another two weeks!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Twin Pregnancy - Weeks 27 and 28

27 Weeks
28 Weeks

Size of Babies:  My next ultrasound is in a week at 30 weeks so we'll know how much they grew in the last month soon.  I did hear their heartbeats at my glucose appt at 28 weeks (A was 136ish and B was 140ish).  I also asked to see the babies today so that I could figure out where they were positioned to know where the kicks and pain are coming from.  They are basically in a circle.  The pressure on my bladder is Baby A's head and he comes up around the right side with butt sticking out and feet above belly button.  I knew that hard spot on my right side was likely a butt.  Baby B's head is right where A's feet are and his spine faces out along the left side with feet at bottom of belly at Baby A's head.  I definitely feel kicks down below there so that is him.  I always feel tons of movement at the top below my rib cage and that is likely them fighting over space.  One's feet and the other's head and arms.  This time Baby A's heartbeat was higher in 140's and Baby B in 130's.  However, a student took the heartbeats so I feel like it wasn't entirely accurate?  Baby B was almost looking right at us and we got to see him open and close his mouth.  So damn awesome. 

Milestones:  I'd say just all the kicking and movement.  Love that Chris can feel it and I love that now you can see it from the outside.  I want to catch it on video.  Feels great to be reassured they are in there and that they are ok.  We also started our 3 part Marvelous Multiples class and learned so much in just the first class, I'm looking forward to the next 2, plus our breastfeeding class.

Aches and Pains:  Dare I say the glory days are over from my previous posts where I say I love pregnancy and have no complaints?  Well, I still love pregnancy and being that this may be my first and last pregnancy, I absolutely do not want to wish it away.  However, since my last post some of the pains have really set in.  First, nausea and being tired are back, just like the first trimester.  It happens around lunchtime or later in the afternoon and I'm back on the ginger ale for it which helps.  I've also been feeling lots of pressure and tightening, some of which are Braxton hicks contractions.  I'm fine as long as I don't have more than 6 an hour, it's just that babies are running out of room in there and when they move or push, the uterus gets irritated and tightens.  Also, the swollen ankles/calves have started up.  This is a big bummer for me since I've always had my skinny legs at least and I hate to see them look so swollen even if it's just temporary.  To me that is worse than the stretch marks.  It's usually only when I've had a long day and when I have to wear socks. 
I have great energy in the mornings and can make it through the work days still.  Once I get home it is back in bed for at least 30 mins to an hour to let the belly rest and put the feet up.  There are good days and bad days, but the bad days do seem to be more frequent.  The belly just seems so heavy by days end.  I must have had a growth spurt one day as I was in bed at 5:30 till 9:00 and then back in bed at 10:00, just feeling awful. 
I bought two belly belts to maybe help with the heavy belly pain.  One that just goes under my belly and above my hips on my back, almost like something a person would wear who moves furniture or lifts heavy things.  The other one is very sexy and is the belly belt/cradle, but one with straps that come up over my shoulders like a pair of suspenders.  I wear this baby just around the house.  So far I think they help as I was able to do things around the house last Sat without feeling so winded and sore after just an hour.  I keep telling Chris it is just going to get uglier around here, poor guy hasn't seen the sexy for awhile, just lots of groaning and body changes.  Lol.  Another example of this is that I had to buy granny panty briefs that were frickin huge and after I put on the first pair and showed Chris, we were both cracking up when he told me I looked like Walter White from Breaking Bad.  Ha!

Glucose Test:  Well, I failed my first glucose test at 28 weeks.  The number for twins should be below 135 and I was at 135.  Boo.  That means I have to take the 3 hour test which I am currently doing as I write this entry.  I'm not too worried since it isn't like my number was way off the charts, so we'll see.  I'll say that I'm eating some cake at my shower this weekend no matter what!!  I was also told I need to take an iron supplement as my hemoglobin level was lower than they would like.  This wasn't a surprise to me since I've been told my several doctors that my iron count was low.  I don't eat a lot of red meat, but I do eat a lot of leafy vegetables so I wish that would counter it.  The iron pills are supposed to be constipating so I'm not looking forward to that.  In fact, I'm hoping to talk to a nurse today about just changing my diet instead.  I won't get the glucose test results till tomorrow which is a bummer because there is a Culver's next door to here and I was hoping to get this Mama Bear a small scoop of ice cream if I passed.   

What I Miss/Things I Crave:  Probably the same two things as my last update:  Sugar and Energy. 

The nice weather on Sunday had me really craving Georgie Porgie's and some ice cream.  Last night I needed a snack and everything in my house staring back at me had sugar in it.  I settled for celery with natural peanut butter.  It was good, but the Easter M&M's on my table would have been better.  I did fall off the wagon one night and dived into the M&M's (just 2 handfuls).  Chris compared me to Denzel Washington's character in Flight, an alcoholic who gets left in a hotel room and succumbs to all the booze going on a complete bender.  My version wasn't that bad, but there are some nights were I am really jonesing for something sweet!  It's so strange too since I've always been one to reach for the salty chips before the cookies.

I went to the Mall both weekends (I need some new spring maternity clothes) and made it about 1.5 hour each time before my belly hurt and walking became a waddle so I had to call it quits.  I even wore my maternity belt one time which did help a bit.  Slowing down is nice, but on a Saturday I'm used to go-go-go so it's difficult to throw in the towel so easily.  But now is the time to listen to my body and rest so that is what I am doing. And I do love to crawl into bed because I have too, not because I'm being lazy.

Worries:  Been thinking about what happens once we are all home lately.  Like getting them on a schedule.  It's still so unbelievable to me that this is happening, I feel I really haven't processed it yet.  We've read tons of pregnancy books just focusing on what is happening now, that we need to start planning for what happens after.  I also worry about pre-term labor a bit.  I really would like for babies to be born at 6 lbs. each.  Or at least 5.5 lbs.  That means I want them in there for as long as possible.  A June 1st bday at 37.5 weeks would be perfect. 

Sleep:  Still getting about 8 hours a night.  Wake up bathroom trips are about 3 times but I fall back to sleep pretty easily.  I'm still spending all night in bed and haven't had to move to a sitting up position in a recliner yet.  Round ligament pain is back so I get up very, very slowly to not feel like I pulled a muscle or fall over once I stand.  I've started taking a shower at night around 8:30 which is a good routine as it relaxes me for bedtime and I notice the boys' movement will really calm down after a hot shower so it must relax them too for bedtime.  I like trying to keep a nice, quiet environment for them at this time of night.

Notable Moments:  A couple of memorable moments this week.  The first being that Chris caught me standing in front of the mirror admiring my big belly in disbelief after a shower one night.  I think we both have moments where things just feel very real and it surprises us and my growing, moving belly is usually the source of those moments.  Turning side to side in the mirror, I kept exclaiming how big the belly was, laughing and saying I can't believe it and how its just going to get bigger.  I sat down and Chris leaned in above me and said "we would have been begging for this a year ago, you look beautiful" and gave me a kiss and said his usual "love you babe".   
We also had our first multiples class where we learned about labor and pain management so far.  The teacher kept saying labor is the hardest work you're ever going to do and at one point had us sit face to face on chairs and said that phrase again and then said to the husbands that even though you have to look at the person you love in so much pain and know that you can't take it away, the best you can do for her in these moments is to look her in the eye and tell her how good she's doing, talk to her about something to take her mind off it, tell her how much you love her, etc.  Well, tender moments like this make me a big pile of mush so I knew that the moment she had us sit facing each other that I was probably going to start to cry.  Well Chris knew it too and the second he looked at me to get started, he said are you going to cry and I had to bury my head through the tears.  Well I think that got a few of the other wives in the class to cry too.  I quickly recovered and it felt kind of good to let it out. 
I think I was also emotional as before this the teacher said that babies will recognize our voice the most and that once they are born and if they hear either of our voices and someone else's voice, like a nurse or something, they will try turning their head to find our voice over anybody else's as that is what is going to comfort them.  I had to choke back the tears picturing this which is probably why they came so easily later on.
Well that is 27 and 28 weeks and my appointment is almost over!!  Exciting things coming up are my baby shower this weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: Week 25 & 26

Week 25
Week 26 - Another ultrasound day
(I always wear blue for ultrasounds)
St. Patty's Day Parade and fun with family
Size of Babies:  At our 26 week ultrasound, Baby A was positioned in the same spot (my right side, head down, facing inside, his spine/butt comes up against my stomach and then feet above my belly button).  He is also laying on the membrane so its hard to get pics of his face without the shadow of it.  He has found himself a good spot and hasn't shifted positions.  I feel him kick or punch all the time above my belly button.  He was 1lb, 2oz at last U/S and was 2lb, 1oz at this U/S.  His hearbeat was 147. 

Baby B was moving all around as usual.  At first he was head down, but towards the end he had moved again and was higher on my belly and diagonal (head off to the left side above my belly button, butt coming down below my belly button and then had his legs and feet in Baby A's face).  In fact we got a picture of him actually bumping Baby A in the nose with his leg.  He must not be able to get comfortable or something as he is always on the move during ultrasounds and getting in Baby A's space.  He is the bigger one and was 1lb 4oz at last U/S and 2lb 5oz at this one.  His heartbeat was 150. 

So both babies gained about a pound in 4 weeks.  Both our doctors said that was a very good/steady growth and nothing to be worried about yet. 
Milestones:  Good ultrasounds are always huge milestones.

Also feeling lots of kicks and movement.  Times of day where I've been noticing a pattern are usually 8:00, 12:00, 3:00, 5:00 and a lot between 7:00 and 10:00 at night.  Sometimes they'll be kicking during the nighttime too after I've gotten us all out of bed to go the bathroom. 

I read that your partner should try to put their ear to your belly to see if they can hear heartbeats and Chris has tried that a few times.  The first time he got knocked on the cheek 3 times.  The other day it just happened again.  They must know when Dad is down there trying to get to know them.  Lol. 

In the car yesterday at lunchtime my Ipod played a Celine Dion song (yes I like Celine...) that had a lot of violin in it and babies were kicking up a storm.  I teared up immediately just thinking about them reacting to the music and the thought of meeting them soon.  I haven't had a lot of those emotional realization moments so it's worth mentioning!
Aches and Pains:  The pregnancy waddle has reared its ugly head somewhat.  This especially happens when my bladder gets too full.  I'm typically going the bathroom every hour, but if I'm busy at work and forget or I'm out where I can't find a bathroom, walking gets tough and I'll start to waddle.  The bottom of my belly is also sore at the end of each day and I'm usually huffing and puffing as I try to get myself into bed to rest.  Moving in bed at night is also a strategic, slow process.  I think I'm noticing stretchmarks under my belly too, likely inevitable with twins....I can live with it though as my bikini days have been over for a long time.   
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  Sweets (more below).  Energy.  I wake up energized and do good in the mornings and start to falter late afternoons (I'm turning into my Mother, haha).  On a work day I'm ready for 5:00 so I can get home and then I spend most of the time on the couch at night and to bed early.  Usually I will lay down before dinner for a quick cat-nap or just to rest for at least 30 mins and then back to bed around 8:00.  Weekends are the same.  If I plan something for the daytime, then I need to be prepared to rest at night or the opposite.  I'll think of things at night that I could check off my to-do list, but often find I just don't have the motivation unless I have planned it in advance.   
Worries:  Slight worry about the gluclose test at 28 weeks.  At my 26 week Dr. apt, my weight gain so far had been 23 pounds which is pretty good.  Blood pressure has also been very good.  I asked the Dr. about sweets as I've definitely had a sweet tooth this entire pregnancy (cupcakes, ice cream, Halloween/Xmas/Valentines candy and most recently Shamrock shakes with Girl Scout thin mint cookies crumbled on top).  She did tell me I should try to cut down that intake and so I have, but I have been "jonesing" for something sweet every night besides just one cookie or a tbsp of ice cream.  I thought pregnancy was for eating whatever you want?!  Either way, I've been reading that gestational diabetes is more common with multiples, so I'll do whatever I'm told to make sure everybody stays healthy.  My dear husband also affectionately told me that he doesn't want our kids to be "fat sugar monsters" with hot fudge dripping down their chins so I've got that to think about too.  Lol.   
Sleep:  Sleep is still pretty good.  I'm finding that getting into bed so early to rest from each day does make it a bit hard to fall asleep once I'm ready.  The last few nights though I've slept for 6 hour increments without waking up which is pretty good and I'm managing at least 8 hours a night total even if it is broken up.  My Dr. recommended I start each night in a recliner for a few hours and then transfer to bed, but I don't think I'm to that point yet.  My hips do start to hurt and I will have to rotate sides upon waking.  And when I'm on my side, the belly has to be supported by the snoogle and/or a pillow, otherwise it will be sore.   
Notable Moments:   I haven't missed a St. Patty's Day since I can remember and I still got out to celebrate this year.  I didn't even mind that it was without the drinks and had a fun time at the parade with the kids and then even stayed with Anna and Dan to go to two bars downtown and people watch.  Around 5:00 I decided I was too old, pregnant and sober to fit in anymore and headed home.  Plus I was tired! 

I also made it to the Y on Sunday to swim.  I managed to do a half mile at a pretty slow pace which took me 30 minutes (before pregnancy a mile took me 37 mins at my best).  At one point, I stopped in the deep end to cough and pulled a stomach muscle or something.  I hung onto the side and floated on my back for a bit just trying to remain calm and I had to laugh eventually as I looked up at the lifeguard who looked like he was seriously pondering jumping in after me.  Pregnant lady gets pulled out of pool in goggles and swim cap.....would have been a sight to see!

27 Weeks today is what Chris shouted behind him as he left this morning.  Yes! 
Weekly comparison shots:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Twin Pregnancy - Week 23 and 24

Week 23
Week 24 

Cribs are ready!

 Dad Teamwork

Going Home Outfits - Preemie Size (ready for a warm or cold June)
Start to the Travel Theme Nursery

Size of Babies:  Our next ultrasound is in a week so we will find out how much they have grown then.  Meanwhile, the belly is definitely huge so that is a good sign I'd say!  At the last appointment, Baby A was measuring smaller.  I'm wondering if that will be the different as most of the activity I feel is coming from his side lately.  I'm always tired and feel lots of movement on Monday/Tuesday of each week it seems and then I look bigger come Wednesday/Thursday so I think that is when they hit their growth spurts each week.  Fingers crossed they keep doubling in size.
Milestones:  Feeling lots of movement and kicks every day now.  At exactly 23 weeks, they were kicking during dinner so Chris put his hands on my stomach and felt his first kick.  Pretty memorable moment for the both of us.  We try to get him to catch kicks each night, but for some reason they are always quiet in those moments.  They really kick a lot after I drink orange juice and when I was sick I drank a whole bottle and they were kicking all night.  I've been watching my belly lately to see if I can start to see kicks from the outside.  I think I saw one during lunch one day but I can't be sure. 
Aches and Pains: Nothing too terrible on a daily basis.  However, I can definitely tell when I'm doing too much as my back will start to hurt, walking gets tough and overall my body just wants to shut down.  Belly definitely feels heavy this week like someone is stepping on my bladder.  I'm sleeping on my side all the time now which does cause the side of my belly to get sore as gravity pushes on it, so I am switching sides several times through the night.  It is usually a groaning, uncomfortable process that I'm glad doesn't awaken Chris.  I wonder too if the babies get pushed to whatever side I am laying on and that is part of the pain. 
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  Can't think of anything I miss because of the pregnancy, I really do love being pregnant.  My only complaint along with everyone else would be the winter weather.  Come on spring, I'm starting to outgrow my winter coats!  I am constantly craving liquids.  This whole pregnancy I can't get enough to drink.  Being sick lately I have just been using the plastic cups at work and not my water bottle.  I fill three cups at a time and probably fill them at least 4 times a day, often more.  If I'm in a meeting or in the car without water, I am counting the seconds until I can get something to drink.  Chris has been making homemade orange juice with strawberries and its pretty much the best thing in the morning.
Worries:  I'm starting to slightly worry about how big I'm going to get.  Not the weight part but the uncomfortable part.  I'm beginning to experience some uncomfortableness which I know is only going to get worse and I just don't want to get so uncomfortable that I have to completely slow down.  Working on the nursery this past weekend really had my back hurting and just overall tired.  And I wasn't even doing that much work!  I was in bed at 8:00 that night as I could barely move by the end of the day.  It's tough for me to slow down but I think its time to start acknowledging that it is coming. 
Sleep:  Sleep has been ok.  I got sick for the 3rd time since Xmas, this time with a cold, sore throat and a terrible cough.  While it made me have no energy and I was in bed for about 3 days, sleep was pretty much nonexistent without being able to breathe, swallow, etc.  I definitely feel better, but after 1.5 weeks the cold is still lingering.  I'm just starting to accept it as a way of life I think.  We also got a new bedframe this past weekend with drawers underneath for more storage since we had to figure out a way to combine our clothes into one room and maybe the "new-ness" of it is helping since sleep this week has been good.  I'm usually up at midnight and 4:00 with trips to the bathroom and/or heartburn but that is becoming par for the course.  Sitting up and getting myself over the Snoogle and out of bed is becoming a challenge though with lots of groaning and breathlessness sometimes. 
Notable Moments:  Getting the nursery put together.  I'm going with a travel theme for the nursery with grey cribs and navy and green accents.  (So that I can remember the days when we used to take two vacations a year....).  Both our parents came up to help and we made a whole day of it.  The Dads put together the cribs and the Moms filled the dresser drawers with little clothes and helped give a creative eye for all of the pictures I wanted to hang.  I was so excited for this day and I am so pleased with how the nursery looks so far.  Both Chris and I feel like we are in a new house, it feels so different. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twin Pregnancy - Week 21 and 22

Week 21 

Week 22 - Another ultrasound day
Here they are!  Close buds already.

I've always enjoyed reading these updates on other blogs so trying one myself:
Size of Babies:  At ultrasound yesterday Baby A was 1 lb 2 oz with a heartbeat of 152 and Baby B was 1 lb 4 oz.  with a heartbeat of 153.  Both babies are on track size-wise!  In fact, 3 weeks ago both weighed around 10 oz so they've pretty much doubled in size.
Milestones:  Now feeling actual kicks at all different times of the day.  It startles me each time still.  Baby A is head down so his kicks are on the upper right and Baby B is feet down so his kicks are on the lower left.  Another "milestone" is that I officially weigh more than my husband.....
Aches and Pains:  I woke up on Monday with major pain around my belly button, almost like it felt bruised.  A dangerous Google search later and I'm wondering if it was a hernia, although belly button is still an innie, but closely approaching an outie.  The ultrasound confirmed it wasn't hernia, but rather a head and two knees both surrounding my belly button!  Made for two painful nights of sleep as it got worse as I laid on my side, but tonight it is feeling better.  I felt movement and kicks from both babies one right after the other earlier, so I think they were shifting which gave me some relief.  I know my aches and pains are just starting!
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  I honestly can't think of anything I miss that much.  It's winter, so I think that makes it easier to be sitting on the couch night after night.  If it was summer, I'm sure I'd say I miss happy hours and just being busy without getting tired all the time.  Surprisingly, I don't miss alcohol at all.  And those that know me, know I ENJOY my adult beverages!  I suppose I could say vacations as we probably would have taken a winter vacation or would be in the midst of planning a spring vacation, but planning for the babies is so much better.  Food I crave:  For awhile it was cupcakes and I right now I'm crazy for girl scout cookies.  I'd say a constant thing I crave would be a turkey sub with mayo, lettuce and tomato.  I've been sticking to the no deli meat rule.
Worries:  Miscarriage (yes, still can't erase it from my mind, although it is much, much less as we keep crossing off weeks).  Also work and maternity leave and what happens after.
Sleep:  Ever heard of the Snoogle?  It's been a god-send and has taken over our bed.  My poor husband doesn't get much for snuggle time anymore.  I'm up 2-3 times a night to go the bathroom, however getting up once or twice before pregnancy wasn't much out of the norm for me.  The last few days I've woken up at 4:00 and felt wide awake.  I know everyone says "sleep now", but I think I almost will need to start un-sleep-training myself before babies come.  I have always been someone who needs 8-10 hours a night to function normally and I've got to change that!  My baby book said I would sleep sometimes 14 hours a night, so it has always been my nature, I suppose.
Notable Moments:  Seeing the babes on the ultrasound with Chris by my side holding my hand.  We celebrated our 10 year dating anniversary last week and reminisced about the early dating days.  I can't believe I waivered over dating this co-worker of mine named Chris whom I hardly had spoken to in the two years we worked together all those years ago.  Glad he was persistent because I couldn't imagine what life would be like without him.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Belly Catch-Up and Family Reveals

I didn't start taking pictures of the belly growth until 13 weeks as we were quite paranoid the first 12 weeks and didn't want to do anything to get ahead of ourselves or jinx anything.  Looking back, maybe I regret for a tiny bit that I don't have pics of those initial weeks, but that is what was right for our sanity at the time.  We were lucky enough in that we got to see babies on the ultrasound and hear/see heartbeats at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks, so those assurances will serve as our special memories.

13 Weeks
14 Weeks 

16 Weeks

17 Weeks
18 Weeks
19 Weeks
20 Weeks - Big Growth Spurt!
It's been a pretty good pregnancy so far and I really have no complaints overall.  Chris may attest to that, as each day I will have some sort of symptom/complaint, but I really don't think I've been too difficult to deal with!  Some morning sickness, or rather afternoon/evening sickness the first trimester that affected my appetite and had me on the couch most nights, but nothing too terrible.  While I dropped some weight in the beginning due to low appetite and no longer drinking alcohol, I'd say overall I'm up about 10-12 pounds only.  I know more is to come!! 
We've taken this pregnancy one day at a time and I don't read too far ahead in my books and I really have no "plans" for the birth that I so often read about or get asked.  I'm so grateful for this pregnancy, I'll take all the aches and pains with as much stride as I can and I'm not going to try to control how these babies are born and set myself up for disappointment.  I'm open to having the babies naturally or by c-section, whatever my Dr. thinks is best.  If natural, then you bet I'll be having an epidural.  I do realize the babies may be born small and may spend some time in the hospital and we'll deal with that as it comes.  I'll research the pros and cons with breast feeding or bottle feeding and do whatever works best for the babies and our family.  We set small goals for ourselves with each week and as we reach them, we set the next goal.  Goals for this week are the stroller/car seats and cribs which I am excited about!
Since our family was under a gag order for the first 12 weeks and I didn't share the pregnancy with social media until almost 20 weeks, I did want to write about some of our fun gender reveal moments.

The day we found out both babies were boys, we had an impromptu dinner with Tara, Anna, Dan & the kids.  It was a quick decision and we opted to wear the same color blue shirts (brewer shirts inside-out) and then take our jackets off for the reveal.  A loud reveal with laughter and tears!

For our parents, my friend Emilie at Sassy Bandit on Etsy made two ornaments with two babies in stockings wearing blue hats.  I just loved them.  I had my parents open their ornament on Thanksgiving.  Both sets of parents were super surprised as they thought for sure we were having girls. 

We loved telling people in person so much, that we waited to tell Ryan & Veronica until they were here on Christmas that we were even pregnant.  So on Christmas they opened these onesies that I had purchased off of Etsy.  Poor Sue had to keep the secret forever!!!

First clothing gift for babies from Anna.

I opened these baby figurines on Christmas from Sue & Mike.  I absolutely love them and have them on my dresser for the time-being.

Babies also got a ton of loot on Christmas!!

While I realize this is primarily a food blog, I'll likely be documenting the pregnancy here from time to time as a way to update family and friends and memorialize everything for myself too.  I appreciate those of you that will stick along for the ride!! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Are Doubling in 2014...The Big Reveal......Finally!

We've been seeing two of everything lately.... 
Foreseasons will be doubling in June and adding twin baby boys to our family! 


These pictures were taken at Hoyt Park in the same spots where our wedding photos were taken.  Married in 2007.  Parents in 2014.  We are overjoyed.

I am 19.5 weeks at the time of this announcement and
the belly is 18.5 weeks at the time of these pictures.

Full credit goes to our creative and photography team of Tara, Anna and Liam. 
It was a day I will always remember thanks to them. 

And we can't forget Liam getting his picture taken with his impending primos (cousins in Spanish).  No blog post is complete without a brag picture of the first little boy who stole my heart.  I am happy he'll have some cousins to play hide n' seek with besides this 36 year old Aunt/BFF.
Our pregnancy journey was long and not without struggle of which I am still pondering sharing on this blog.  You name it, we tried it or experienced it.  We are incredibly thankful to our family and friends for all of their support.  God truly has a plan for everyone, some just require a bit of patience.