Monday, July 22, 2013

East Coast Road Trip Part Two: Annapolis Crab Lover

Upon parking at our hotel and dropping off our bags until check-in, we headed out for breakfast to a spot recommended by the front-desk.  The place is called Miss Shirley's Cafe.  Good lord, head to Miss Shirley's next time you are in Baltimore or Annapolis as there are a few locations.  Multiple awards adorned the walls.

I got the Crab Cake & Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict.  This is straight from the menu; Poached Eggs & Mini Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes on top of Fried Green Tomatoes, Corn & Tomato Relish with Asparagus & Old Bay Hollandaise Sauce, dusted with Old Bay.  Hands down, the best breakfast I have ever had.  Just so you know I'm not exaggerating, you can find more of the menu here

Chris got the pineapple upside-down pancakes which were the special.  Just look at those thick, pillowy pancakes! 

Next we walked towards the downtown and stopped at all the local shops along the way.  This was one of those days where even Chris was happy to shop just to be able to cool-off in each store.  At the recommendation of our boss, we also stopped at two local pubs McGarveys and Pusser's Caribbean Grille.  Pusser's was interesting because it was in the Marriott hotel, one of the only hotels right on the water, but for $500 a night we opted not to stay there.  However, it must be the place to be, as the dockside seating at Pusser's was packed.  The waterfront near this place is called "Ego Alley" for boaters to come by and show off their expensive boats.  I must say, I was certainly jealous as I was sitting there sweating and drinking my frozen margarita.

We also took a ferryboat ride to see some of the Chesapeake Bay and some of the naval academy. 

For dinner that night we knew we wanted to try Maryland's steamed blue hard-shell crabs, so we chose Cantler's Riverside Inn which was again recommended by our Boss and then further solidified by the locals that this place was the best.  The chalkboard said they were out of crab when we got there, but we got lucky and were able to get six large crabs.  Everything is family style at picnic tables and luckily we were sat next to a family that was happy to show us the ropes once our crab was dumped on the table.  I wonder if they had to snicker as we sat down with Chris in his white polo and me in a dress, totally unaware of what to do next.  It was fun to sloppily drink beer out of a can, gnaw on corn, whack crabs open and dunk things in drawn butter and vinegar. 

This dinner was by far one of my favorite experiences on our trip.  I even bought myself a t-shirt to commemorate it!  I was also digging all of the crab motif in each shop, but settled on a tree ornament and a necklace with a crab on it, which was really meant to be for my zodiac sign, so I ended up buying it since I liked the dual meaning.

Annapolis totally reminded us of Lake Geneva with most everything centering around the downtown area of local shops, the boats and the water. And we all know how much the Foreseasons like Lake Geneva!   Despite only being there for one day, we cranked enough in where we felt like we saw everything, so the next day we were ready to tackle the eight hour drive to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina for some beach time.


  1. I am going to bed hungry! The eggs benedict looks incredible. Once again the food photography is fantastic! I look forward to seeing the crab tree ornament and necklace. You should do a journal of just restaurant recommendations available to anyone who travels.

  2. Looks like a great trip. There is a restaurant in Door County that does a Walleye Cake Eggs Benedict that is delicious. Isn't seafood wonderful!

  3. Such a fun road trip, can't wait to read more!


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