Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Road Trip Final City: Savannah, Georgia

Since we only had two days in Savannah, our plan was to go on a trolley tour where we could hop on and off the sights all day. Our first stop was Forsyth Park.  When I think of Savannah, Oak trees with the hanging Spanish Moss are what come to mind.  Wouldn't it be fun to walk through these promenades back in the day in a fancy Scarlett O'Hara dress, hoop skirt and your hair in ringlets?!    

I had read about Leopold's Ice Cream, Savannah's oldest ice cream parlor, so when the trolley pointed it out, I grabbed Chris' hand to get off at the next stop so I could have my daily afternoon treat.  
The forecast showed rain all week in Savannah prior to our arrival, but I was hopeful we wouldn't have too much rain.  Typically, the Foreseasons usually hit good weather on our trips.  We made it through most of the day without rain, but late afternoon it started downpouring and basically never stopped.  It made it a bit of a bummer to shop on River Street.  We were actually trapped in a holiday ornament store for 20-30 minutes and finally decided to make a run for it to the nearest bar to get something to eat and drink since it wasn't letting up. 

For dinner that night we ate at The Olde Pink House, an 18th century mansion.  It must be a popular place because I found a tree ornament of it shopping the next day.  I was pleased with that score as I looked high and low for a peach ornament but could hardly find any and didn't like the ones I did find.  I found it strange I couldn't find a peach ornament in Georgia?  However, I'm looking forward to putting all our new ornaments on the tree this year.  I bought 9 total from all our stops.
In typical fashion, we eyeballed the appetizer menu and found many things we wanted to try.  Their appetizers were then broken into platters, so what did we do... ordered two of them.  They all came at once and we looked like total glutons.  lol.  In our defense, we do walk A LOT on our vacations.
Above and below:  fried green tomatoes with sweet corn cream, mac & cheese poppers, blackend oysters with three different types of creative relish, goat cheese & artichoke stuffed fritters, pulled pork sliders and deep fried soft crab with a corn and tomato succotash. 
We rolled ourselves out of the restaurant and snapped a picture in the wonderful rain, debated what to do because of the rain and decided to walk in the rain for an after dinner drink, then call it a night.
We woke up the next day to some sun so we decided to take advantage and drive the 25 minutes to Tybee Island for some beach time.  It was a nice public beach, but definitely not as nice as Isle of Palms in Charleston.  
After the beach we decided to explore the city more.  Savannah is basically neighborhoods built around squares, so we just walked around with no agenda from square to square.  On the trolley tour they mentioned where different scenes from movies were shot, so while we were walking around I got my picture taken in front of The Six Pence Pub where one of Julia Roberts movies was filmed.  Chippewa Square is known for the filming of the Forrest Gump park bench scenes, so we grabbed some shots there as well.  The actual bench is in the Savannah Museum, which we did try to go to, but it was too late in the day and was closed.  Don't you love Chris' Forrest Gump impression...had me cracking up in the moment.
Chris had read an article online about Savannah's biggest dive bars, so we decided to check out #1, Pinkie Master's.  We love a good dive bar.  Best bartenders and friendly local people.  They had a digital frame displaying customer's pictures, so our "faces" are now there for future patrons to see. 
Last stop in Savannah, was Ms. Paula Deen's Lady & Son's restaurant, of course.  We had to make reservations and couldn't get in until 8:45 at night.  Her restaurant is 3 floors and offers a menu and a buffet.  Chris wanted fried chicken which was only offered on the buffet so that is what he got.  I ordered the shrimp and grits as I had wanted to get it our entire vacation, but was holding out for Paula's restaurant.  So, what would I say about our experience?  Meh.  The place is a total tourist trap(see cardboard cutout of Paula), but that is what is to be expected.  So the experience itself, is a must if you are a Paula fan and in Savannah.  As far as the food goes, it wasn't anything special.  Maybe we were sick of eating out by that point, but we both didn't finish our food.  Chris' buffet did come with dessert so we got Paula's butter cake to share.  Couldn't leave Paula's place without eating a stick of butter! 
That covers this summer's vacation recaps.  It was by far our best vacation (dare we admit better than Italy?).  For me, I loved being able to escape our current reality and loved spending this time with just Chris creating new adventures and memories.  We decided that is the way to do out to your first destination and then road trip it to your final destination and then fly home.  The long drives are never tiresome since you are always looking forward to the next city and you don't have to do the sad drive home.  We are thinking our next "road trip"would be the West coast.  Maybe wine country, then up to Seattle and VanCouver.  We will see where life takes us in the meantime.
If you made it through all the recaps, thanks for following along!!

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  1. I loved Savannah when I went there with my parents as a child! It looks like you got to see a lot in two days.


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