Monday, September 16, 2013

6 Years and Summer 2013 Recap

We celebrated six years of marriage this past weekend by going to Lake Geneva for the afternoon to check out the Taste of Lake Geneva and take a boat ride around the lake. It was a beautiful afternoon with weather similar to the day we got married; sunny and high 60's. 

Knowing that I like to be entertained, once we were home we decided to head downtown to see the comedy sketch/drinking play Bye Bye Liver.  Tara and Erik were able to join us last minute, so that made it fun.  The next morning on our actual anniversary, we had brunch at Wolf Peach.  It was a weekend of indulging that is for sure.   

Our years together keep getting better and better, so I thought this would be a good time to recap our summer to encapsulate it somewhere in writing.  In no particular order:

  • We had our first and only bonfire Memorial Day weekend at the Torres' house, complete with sparklers.
  • We went camping with the Millers and Daytona in Lake Geneva. It was a cold weekend and the sun never came out, but nothing can ever spoil beers around a campfire and sleeping outside.  Daytona was a good little camper.
  •  My sisters made my birthday special by spending the day with me to go to Bradford Beach and out for drinks at night. While the water may not be suitable for swimming, the beach sure has come a long way with lots of entertainment.
  • Ten years of us each living on the East side and we hardly ever spent any time at the lakefront. We made it a regular workout habit this summer with Chris attending the downtown YMCA's beach camp program while I would walk and climb/run the stairs. I wouldn't last 30 seconds in his beach camp, they are really pushed to the core each week and Chris loves it!
  • We also tried to use our memberships to Hoyt Pool as much as we could. The weather didn't cooperate as much as I would have liked it to, but we did manage to get there for some lap swimming, sun-tanning and fun with Tara, Anna, Liam and Lily.

We got our first all-day babysitting job with both Liam and Lily and we jumped right into it by packing them up in the car and heading to Apple Holler. Despite trying to figure out how to put Lily's carseat in the car, not forgetting all the different bags that were packed and trying to open the stroller; the outing was a success! Liam loved watching the goats, picking peaches and going for a tractor ride. As long as you keep Miss LilyB fed, she is a happy baby.
  • We participated in the Laura's Smile run for ovarian cancer at Milwaukee's Lakefront and were part of a team for a friend of Sue's.
  • The very next day we did the Lakefront Ride For the Arts bike ride for 25 miles across the Hoan bridge. The day of the walk was perfect, the day of the bike ride was freezing. Riding across the Hoan bridge was the coolest though. If I remember right, it took me, Steph and Mike 2 hours 10 minutes to finish the ride. Chris and Missy were a bit faster. 
One of my favorite parts of summer is State Fair. As usual, my family took the day off of work and all went together. I love this classic photo of us with my Dad.   Keeping tradition alive.   Liam's cheesy smile on the ride below is the best.  That boy definitely has some Dresdow in him.

We can't forget our day in Madison with our parents at the farmer's market and Union Terrace back in June and blogged about here. I'm going to try to go back in October to see the pumpkins and mums.
  • I got together with my blogger girlfriends a few times, including a bbq and dinner at a few local restaurants. Karis and I also went to Feasting for Fido.   This is a Milwaukee festival I would highly recommend, the $50 pricetag is worth it.  Lots of food from some of Milwaukee's best restaurants and proceeds go to the WI Humane Society.     
  • We got up to Cedarburg for one of the Cedarburg Sounds concert in the park that are held every Friday night. In typical fashion, my Mother in law and her friends had an amazing spread of food where someone actually commented that it looked like it was catered.
  • Summerfest is always on the agenda and I went to the Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and New Kids On The Block concert with Steph, Tara and Anna. I also dragged Chris to the Pitbull concert......
  • We planned a girls weekend with my high school girlfriends just outside of the Dells for a day of fun in the sun, drinks and laughter.

Liam turned 3 and had a Cars birthday party with family.  His only request: Party Hats! Chris and I got him a "grow with me" b-ball hoop and I love the picture of him hugging Chris below. During his "happy birthday" song he shouted it along with us with the biggest smile on his face. If there was a moment that Anna and Dan could bottle up from his childhood, I think that would have been it (top right photo).   I know I'll never forget it. 

Finally, we can't forget our vacation in July, definitely the best thing we did this summer. I'll always enjoy reading our recap series of it for years to come.

A great summer, indeed!


  1. Happy anniversary! You had quite an eventful summer! I have always wanted to do the Ride for the Arts and ride across the Hoan. Maybe we'll register next summer.

  2. It's funny how your Chris and mine both love intense workouts, while you and I prefer less intensity. Our little apartment gym was packed tonight, so we took a walk instead, which was not a real workout according to my Chris :)

  3. It was a good summer. Glad to read the recap. Love liams bday pics. I still need to get some of those good ones from you for his baby book.

  4. You did have quite the summer! Loved all of your photos :)


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