Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Things Fall

I've got a panini for you this fall season.  It was created this weekend when I met my parents and my Aunt Carol/ Uncle George at Gooseberries Market in Burlington for their Octoberfest sampling.  It was more than I expected, with food & drink stations throughout the store for sampling.  Items like caramel apple dip, sausage cheese dip, beer cheese soup, pumpkin dip, pumpkin waffles, stuffed acorn squash, apple cheddar pie, german chocolate cake and various salads, meats and cheeses. 
One of the cheese samples that caught my fancy was Henning's Wisconsin Creamy Caramel Cheese.  I liked that it was different and decided to buy some and use it in a sweet and savory Panini. 
Gooseberries has an extensive bakery and butcher selection.  They were having great sales for the festival, so I picked up a few more items, including a fresh whole chicken.  I figure we would do a beer can chicken on the grill one last time before grilling season is over.  I love that we get several meals out of one and the cost was only $4.66!
Here's the simple panini recipe:
Chicken Apple Panini with Creamy Caramel Cheese
-Sliced creamy caramel cheese
-Sliced apple (use a mandolin for real thin slices)
-Shredded chicken (we used what was leftover from our beer can chicken)
-Stone ground mustard
-Sliced bread (a more durable bread from the bakery works best, they'll even slice it for you)
Brush the outsides of the bread with oil.  Layer mustard, cheese, apple, shredded chicken, arugula to build sandwich.  If you have a grill-pan, use it.  I set our cast iron skillet on top of the sandwiches to press them down to really get nice grill marks and guarantee to warm the sandwich all the way through. 
We served them with sweet potato fries (just the frozen kind) and I made a honey mustard dipping sauce (mayo, dijon mustard & honey).  The sandwich was good dipped in the honey mustard sauce too.

In an effort to squeeze in more ways to enjoy fall before its too cold, we sisters made plans to take the kids to an apple orchard one day.  We went to Homestead Apple Orchard in Franksville.  I won't even bother linking it as I wouldn't recommend it.  The woman working the store gave us a cold briefing on what apples we could pick and then glared at us as we wandered the store, particularly Liam, even saying something about him at one point.  We enjoyed picking the apples and came across a very friendly man in the orchard who even let us pick and sample snowbird apples that weren't included in the apples for picking.  Back in the store we were treated coldly again upon paying for our apples, in addition to buying extra items for sale like apple butters.  A group came in as we were leaving and the lady sure rolled out the red carpet for them giving a friendly, detailed explanation of what could be picked and how it worked.  It was then that we realized we even missed two rows of apples for picking that she didn't even bother to mention to us.  It was a fun experience as all new things are with Liam, but that lady definitely soured the experience.  We got some cute pictures nonetheless.  Tara's pose looks like a real housewife on Bravo...as you can see, Lily also had a blast.  haha.

Anna had promised Liam pumpkins and he had been talking about them all day, so we stopped at a farm that we had passed on our way to the orchard called Godsell Farm in Muskego.  I cannot say enough good things about this place and we definitely ended our day on a high note after spending time at this farm.   It is $7 a person for age 3 and up and includes a pumpkin.  They had tons of animals; cows, horses, bunnies, chickens, goats, pigs, donkeys and a llama.  They gave us an entire loaf of bread to feed the animals too.  It is family owned and the owner even stood with us for awhile talking about the animals and the farm after Anna and I were shocked to hear the donkey bray (I had to look this word up as I didn't even know how to describe the sound a donkey makes).  I still laugh thinking about Harry the donkey, the first real donkey I'd ever seen.  Liam also got to help feed the goats using a really large baby bottle, we went for a hayride and walked a small spooky maze/trail.  Everything was non-commercialized and the farm has a warm and personalized vibe.  I would definitely recommend visiting this family farm.
Here we are on our hayride where Liam asked why it was going so slow.  We need to get Lily some big sunglasses to fit in I think.     


  1. That panini looks divine! Glad your day ended on a high note :) Did you just look at the woman and say, "Karma" as you walked out?

  2. That Panini looks amazing! The sourdough bread grilled to perfection. We are happy you enjoyed Gooseberries Octoberfest. Lots to sample that is for sure. Fred's Burgers is always a treat after that ride to Burlington. Lots of memories for us at that place. I always think of Grandpa loving the convertible ride for his first soup and burger. I enjoyed the apple stories, too. Fun day for everyone. Thanks for sharing your Fall experiences.

  3. Lily would look awesome in big sunglasses :)

  4. You know even with teenagers we still do fall market things--usually with free sample and mazes now.

  5. Such a fun outing. :) Oh....looking at your beautiful panini reminds me to dig out my panini grill again. I can probably eat panini everyday. :P


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