Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013 in Pictures

I know I've neglected the blog for a few months it seems.  I hope to get back to cooking and blogging in 2014.  We had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE.  We did the usual Xmas Eve at my parents house and then Xmas Day at Chris' parents house.  I always have more pics on Xmas Eve it seems...we must like to show off in front of the camera more I guess!

My generous Mother-in-Law made us each a scarf
Dan wants Liam to get into biking and/or Motor-Cross this summer,
so "safety first" with a gift of a helmet for Xmas.
Rowe Pottery Crock for my parents as a gift from all of us with a picture of our house on it.  

Chris' job of  stuffing the tenderloin.  

Lily's first Xmas.  I'm not sure it gets any cuter.
Proud Godparents
I love this kid.
Winners of the 'guess the National Lampoons Vacation movie quotes' game
"I wouldn't be more surprised if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet"
Beautiful sister-in-law

We had a relaxing NYE with dinner at Coquette Cafe, a french restaurant in the Third Ward which I would highly recommend.  We hadn't been there since we were dating and it was even better than I remembered it.  This is the first year I hadn't gone out since I was probably 16 (no joke) and we headed home afterwards to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix, caught the ball dropping on TV at midnight and were asleep 5 minutes later.  It was nice to start out the new year without a hangover!
Happy New Year everyone! 


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  1. Beautiful pics and a wonderful summary of the holidays with all of your families. It is a special time of the year when nothing matters but getting together. Christmas ends the year with reflections of a year past and makes you dream of a New Year ahead. May all your holidays be full of loving memories with all those that you love and all of us that love you, too! Thanks Chris for stuffing the tenderloin!


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