Monday, February 3, 2014

Belly Catch-Up and Family Reveals

I didn't start taking pictures of the belly growth until 13 weeks as we were quite paranoid the first 12 weeks and didn't want to do anything to get ahead of ourselves or jinx anything.  Looking back, maybe I regret for a tiny bit that I don't have pics of those initial weeks, but that is what was right for our sanity at the time.  We were lucky enough in that we got to see babies on the ultrasound and hear/see heartbeats at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks, so those assurances will serve as our special memories.

13 Weeks
14 Weeks 

16 Weeks

17 Weeks
18 Weeks
19 Weeks
20 Weeks - Big Growth Spurt!
It's been a pretty good pregnancy so far and I really have no complaints overall.  Chris may attest to that, as each day I will have some sort of symptom/complaint, but I really don't think I've been too difficult to deal with!  Some morning sickness, or rather afternoon/evening sickness the first trimester that affected my appetite and had me on the couch most nights, but nothing too terrible.  While I dropped some weight in the beginning due to low appetite and no longer drinking alcohol, I'd say overall I'm up about 10-12 pounds only.  I know more is to come!! 
We've taken this pregnancy one day at a time and I don't read too far ahead in my books and I really have no "plans" for the birth that I so often read about or get asked.  I'm so grateful for this pregnancy, I'll take all the aches and pains with as much stride as I can and I'm not going to try to control how these babies are born and set myself up for disappointment.  I'm open to having the babies naturally or by c-section, whatever my Dr. thinks is best.  If natural, then you bet I'll be having an epidural.  I do realize the babies may be born small and may spend some time in the hospital and we'll deal with that as it comes.  I'll research the pros and cons with breast feeding or bottle feeding and do whatever works best for the babies and our family.  We set small goals for ourselves with each week and as we reach them, we set the next goal.  Goals for this week are the stroller/car seats and cribs which I am excited about!
Since our family was under a gag order for the first 12 weeks and I didn't share the pregnancy with social media until almost 20 weeks, I did want to write about some of our fun gender reveal moments.

The day we found out both babies were boys, we had an impromptu dinner with Tara, Anna, Dan & the kids.  It was a quick decision and we opted to wear the same color blue shirts (brewer shirts inside-out) and then take our jackets off for the reveal.  A loud reveal with laughter and tears!

For our parents, my friend Emilie at Sassy Bandit on Etsy made two ornaments with two babies in stockings wearing blue hats.  I just loved them.  I had my parents open their ornament on Thanksgiving.  Both sets of parents were super surprised as they thought for sure we were having girls. 

We loved telling people in person so much, that we waited to tell Ryan & Veronica until they were here on Christmas that we were even pregnant.  So on Christmas they opened these onesies that I had purchased off of Etsy.  Poor Sue had to keep the secret forever!!!

First clothing gift for babies from Anna.

I opened these baby figurines on Christmas from Sue & Mike.  I absolutely love them and have them on my dresser for the time-being.

Babies also got a ton of loot on Christmas!!

While I realize this is primarily a food blog, I'll likely be documenting the pregnancy here from time to time as a way to update family and friends and memorialize everything for myself too.  I appreciate those of you that will stick along for the ride!! 


  1. I am enjoying every moment of your goals and thankful for the success in accomplishing them. Watching you grow month by month has been indescribable for a Mother to see her daughter become a parent. Chris and you deserve two special gifts and know that you will both be wonderful parents and role models for the little fellas.

  2. Loving your pregnancy updates!

  3. It has been so fun watching you and Chris during all of it. I'm couldn't be happier to both of you!!

  4. LOVE this big update. I am so jealous of your cute BELLY! YEA for twins and boys. You so deserve and all we can do is walk each day right?

  5. I love to see the progress pictures! You look amazing with that motherly glow :)

  6. What a cute way of doing the gender reveal! You look wonderful and I think pregnancy updates are even more fun than food!


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