Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twin Pregnancy - Week 21 and 22

Week 21 

Week 22 - Another ultrasound day
Here they are!  Close buds already.

I've always enjoyed reading these updates on other blogs so trying one myself:
Size of Babies:  At ultrasound yesterday Baby A was 1 lb 2 oz with a heartbeat of 152 and Baby B was 1 lb 4 oz.  with a heartbeat of 153.  Both babies are on track size-wise!  In fact, 3 weeks ago both weighed around 10 oz so they've pretty much doubled in size.
Milestones:  Now feeling actual kicks at all different times of the day.  It startles me each time still.  Baby A is head down so his kicks are on the upper right and Baby B is feet down so his kicks are on the lower left.  Another "milestone" is that I officially weigh more than my husband.....
Aches and Pains:  I woke up on Monday with major pain around my belly button, almost like it felt bruised.  A dangerous Google search later and I'm wondering if it was a hernia, although belly button is still an innie, but closely approaching an outie.  The ultrasound confirmed it wasn't hernia, but rather a head and two knees both surrounding my belly button!  Made for two painful nights of sleep as it got worse as I laid on my side, but tonight it is feeling better.  I felt movement and kicks from both babies one right after the other earlier, so I think they were shifting which gave me some relief.  I know my aches and pains are just starting!
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  I honestly can't think of anything I miss that much.  It's winter, so I think that makes it easier to be sitting on the couch night after night.  If it was summer, I'm sure I'd say I miss happy hours and just being busy without getting tired all the time.  Surprisingly, I don't miss alcohol at all.  And those that know me, know I ENJOY my adult beverages!  I suppose I could say vacations as we probably would have taken a winter vacation or would be in the midst of planning a spring vacation, but planning for the babies is so much better.  Food I crave:  For awhile it was cupcakes and I right now I'm crazy for girl scout cookies.  I'd say a constant thing I crave would be a turkey sub with mayo, lettuce and tomato.  I've been sticking to the no deli meat rule.
Worries:  Miscarriage (yes, still can't erase it from my mind, although it is much, much less as we keep crossing off weeks).  Also work and maternity leave and what happens after.
Sleep:  Ever heard of the Snoogle?  It's been a god-send and has taken over our bed.  My poor husband doesn't get much for snuggle time anymore.  I'm up 2-3 times a night to go the bathroom, however getting up once or twice before pregnancy wasn't much out of the norm for me.  The last few days I've woken up at 4:00 and felt wide awake.  I know everyone says "sleep now", but I think I almost will need to start un-sleep-training myself before babies come.  I have always been someone who needs 8-10 hours a night to function normally and I've got to change that!  My baby book said I would sleep sometimes 14 hours a night, so it has always been my nature, I suppose.
Notable Moments:  Seeing the babes on the ultrasound with Chris by my side holding my hand.  We celebrated our 10 year dating anniversary last week and reminisced about the early dating days.  I can't believe I waivered over dating this co-worker of mine named Chris whom I hardly had spoken to in the two years we worked together all those years ago.  Glad he was persistent because I couldn't imagine what life would be like without him.


  1. Love this update! Your adult beverage comment cracked me up. I'm drinking way less as we prepare for IVF, sort of like your un-sleep-training :)

  2. You may be the cutest pregnant girl around! Love your outfits :) Can't wait to see "the bump" next week!


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