Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Twin Pregnancy - Week 23 and 24

Week 23
Week 24 

Cribs are ready!

 Dad Teamwork

Going Home Outfits - Preemie Size (ready for a warm or cold June)
Start to the Travel Theme Nursery

Size of Babies:  Our next ultrasound is in a week so we will find out how much they have grown then.  Meanwhile, the belly is definitely huge so that is a good sign I'd say!  At the last appointment, Baby A was measuring smaller.  I'm wondering if that will be the different as most of the activity I feel is coming from his side lately.  I'm always tired and feel lots of movement on Monday/Tuesday of each week it seems and then I look bigger come Wednesday/Thursday so I think that is when they hit their growth spurts each week.  Fingers crossed they keep doubling in size.
Milestones:  Feeling lots of movement and kicks every day now.  At exactly 23 weeks, they were kicking during dinner so Chris put his hands on my stomach and felt his first kick.  Pretty memorable moment for the both of us.  We try to get him to catch kicks each night, but for some reason they are always quiet in those moments.  They really kick a lot after I drink orange juice and when I was sick I drank a whole bottle and they were kicking all night.  I've been watching my belly lately to see if I can start to see kicks from the outside.  I think I saw one during lunch one day but I can't be sure. 
Aches and Pains: Nothing too terrible on a daily basis.  However, I can definitely tell when I'm doing too much as my back will start to hurt, walking gets tough and overall my body just wants to shut down.  Belly definitely feels heavy this week like someone is stepping on my bladder.  I'm sleeping on my side all the time now which does cause the side of my belly to get sore as gravity pushes on it, so I am switching sides several times through the night.  It is usually a groaning, uncomfortable process that I'm glad doesn't awaken Chris.  I wonder too if the babies get pushed to whatever side I am laying on and that is part of the pain. 
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  Can't think of anything I miss because of the pregnancy, I really do love being pregnant.  My only complaint along with everyone else would be the winter weather.  Come on spring, I'm starting to outgrow my winter coats!  I am constantly craving liquids.  This whole pregnancy I can't get enough to drink.  Being sick lately I have just been using the plastic cups at work and not my water bottle.  I fill three cups at a time and probably fill them at least 4 times a day, often more.  If I'm in a meeting or in the car without water, I am counting the seconds until I can get something to drink.  Chris has been making homemade orange juice with strawberries and its pretty much the best thing in the morning.
Worries:  I'm starting to slightly worry about how big I'm going to get.  Not the weight part but the uncomfortable part.  I'm beginning to experience some uncomfortableness which I know is only going to get worse and I just don't want to get so uncomfortable that I have to completely slow down.  Working on the nursery this past weekend really had my back hurting and just overall tired.  And I wasn't even doing that much work!  I was in bed at 8:00 that night as I could barely move by the end of the day.  It's tough for me to slow down but I think its time to start acknowledging that it is coming. 
Sleep:  Sleep has been ok.  I got sick for the 3rd time since Xmas, this time with a cold, sore throat and a terrible cough.  While it made me have no energy and I was in bed for about 3 days, sleep was pretty much nonexistent without being able to breathe, swallow, etc.  I definitely feel better, but after 1.5 weeks the cold is still lingering.  I'm just starting to accept it as a way of life I think.  We also got a new bedframe this past weekend with drawers underneath for more storage since we had to figure out a way to combine our clothes into one room and maybe the "new-ness" of it is helping since sleep this week has been good.  I'm usually up at midnight and 4:00 with trips to the bathroom and/or heartburn but that is becoming par for the course.  Sitting up and getting myself over the Snoogle and out of bed is becoming a challenge though with lots of groaning and breathlessness sometimes. 
Notable Moments:  Getting the nursery put together.  I'm going with a travel theme for the nursery with grey cribs and navy and green accents.  (So that I can remember the days when we used to take two vacations a year....).  Both our parents came up to help and we made a whole day of it.  The Dads put together the cribs and the Moms filled the dresser drawers with little clothes and helped give a creative eye for all of the pictures I wanted to hang.  I was so excited for this day and I am so pleased with how the nursery looks so far.  Both Chris and I feel like we are in a new house, it feels so different. 


  1. I love the theme of your nursery and those going home outfits are adorable!!

  2. What a fun idea to involve the grandparents with setting up the nursery. Sounds like everything is coming along well.

  3. It was a memorable day for everyone. Fun to help get the nest ready for two very special fellas. At least Sue and I got a trial run to see who gets which crib and which drawer has the bibs and burp cloths.

  4. I too love the theme of your nursery! What a great idea! We missed you at dinner last week. I hope Spring comes quickly and you get over all of these illnesses soon.

  5. Can't wait to meet these little guys!!! I need to see the nursery too!

  6. I love the nursery! Can't wait for those little men to get here!

  7. Their room looks like it's going to be darling! You know my husband started bringing me coffee in bed when I was pregnant and has kept it up ever since. Perhaps you can keep the strawberry OJ coming...


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