Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: Week 25 & 26

Week 25
Week 26 - Another ultrasound day
(I always wear blue for ultrasounds)
St. Patty's Day Parade and fun with family
Size of Babies:  At our 26 week ultrasound, Baby A was positioned in the same spot (my right side, head down, facing inside, his spine/butt comes up against my stomach and then feet above my belly button).  He is also laying on the membrane so its hard to get pics of his face without the shadow of it.  He has found himself a good spot and hasn't shifted positions.  I feel him kick or punch all the time above my belly button.  He was 1lb, 2oz at last U/S and was 2lb, 1oz at this U/S.  His hearbeat was 147. 

Baby B was moving all around as usual.  At first he was head down, but towards the end he had moved again and was higher on my belly and diagonal (head off to the left side above my belly button, butt coming down below my belly button and then had his legs and feet in Baby A's face).  In fact we got a picture of him actually bumping Baby A in the nose with his leg.  He must not be able to get comfortable or something as he is always on the move during ultrasounds and getting in Baby A's space.  He is the bigger one and was 1lb 4oz at last U/S and 2lb 5oz at this one.  His heartbeat was 150. 

So both babies gained about a pound in 4 weeks.  Both our doctors said that was a very good/steady growth and nothing to be worried about yet. 
Milestones:  Good ultrasounds are always huge milestones.

Also feeling lots of kicks and movement.  Times of day where I've been noticing a pattern are usually 8:00, 12:00, 3:00, 5:00 and a lot between 7:00 and 10:00 at night.  Sometimes they'll be kicking during the nighttime too after I've gotten us all out of bed to go the bathroom. 

I read that your partner should try to put their ear to your belly to see if they can hear heartbeats and Chris has tried that a few times.  The first time he got knocked on the cheek 3 times.  The other day it just happened again.  They must know when Dad is down there trying to get to know them.  Lol. 

In the car yesterday at lunchtime my Ipod played a Celine Dion song (yes I like Celine...) that had a lot of violin in it and babies were kicking up a storm.  I teared up immediately just thinking about them reacting to the music and the thought of meeting them soon.  I haven't had a lot of those emotional realization moments so it's worth mentioning!
Aches and Pains:  The pregnancy waddle has reared its ugly head somewhat.  This especially happens when my bladder gets too full.  I'm typically going the bathroom every hour, but if I'm busy at work and forget or I'm out where I can't find a bathroom, walking gets tough and I'll start to waddle.  The bottom of my belly is also sore at the end of each day and I'm usually huffing and puffing as I try to get myself into bed to rest.  Moving in bed at night is also a strategic, slow process.  I think I'm noticing stretchmarks under my belly too, likely inevitable with twins....I can live with it though as my bikini days have been over for a long time.   
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  Sweets (more below).  Energy.  I wake up energized and do good in the mornings and start to falter late afternoons (I'm turning into my Mother, haha).  On a work day I'm ready for 5:00 so I can get home and then I spend most of the time on the couch at night and to bed early.  Usually I will lay down before dinner for a quick cat-nap or just to rest for at least 30 mins and then back to bed around 8:00.  Weekends are the same.  If I plan something for the daytime, then I need to be prepared to rest at night or the opposite.  I'll think of things at night that I could check off my to-do list, but often find I just don't have the motivation unless I have planned it in advance.   
Worries:  Slight worry about the gluclose test at 28 weeks.  At my 26 week Dr. apt, my weight gain so far had been 23 pounds which is pretty good.  Blood pressure has also been very good.  I asked the Dr. about sweets as I've definitely had a sweet tooth this entire pregnancy (cupcakes, ice cream, Halloween/Xmas/Valentines candy and most recently Shamrock shakes with Girl Scout thin mint cookies crumbled on top).  She did tell me I should try to cut down that intake and so I have, but I have been "jonesing" for something sweet every night besides just one cookie or a tbsp of ice cream.  I thought pregnancy was for eating whatever you want?!  Either way, I've been reading that gestational diabetes is more common with multiples, so I'll do whatever I'm told to make sure everybody stays healthy.  My dear husband also affectionately told me that he doesn't want our kids to be "fat sugar monsters" with hot fudge dripping down their chins so I've got that to think about too.  Lol.   
Sleep:  Sleep is still pretty good.  I'm finding that getting into bed so early to rest from each day does make it a bit hard to fall asleep once I'm ready.  The last few nights though I've slept for 6 hour increments without waking up which is pretty good and I'm managing at least 8 hours a night total even if it is broken up.  My Dr. recommended I start each night in a recliner for a few hours and then transfer to bed, but I don't think I'm to that point yet.  My hips do start to hurt and I will have to rotate sides upon waking.  And when I'm on my side, the belly has to be supported by the snoogle and/or a pillow, otherwise it will be sore.   
Notable Moments:   I haven't missed a St. Patty's Day since I can remember and I still got out to celebrate this year.  I didn't even mind that it was without the drinks and had a fun time at the parade with the kids and then even stayed with Anna and Dan to go to two bars downtown and people watch.  Around 5:00 I decided I was too old, pregnant and sober to fit in anymore and headed home.  Plus I was tired! 

I also made it to the Y on Sunday to swim.  I managed to do a half mile at a pretty slow pace which took me 30 minutes (before pregnancy a mile took me 37 mins at my best).  At one point, I stopped in the deep end to cough and pulled a stomach muscle or something.  I hung onto the side and floated on my back for a bit just trying to remain calm and I had to laugh eventually as I looked up at the lifeguard who looked like he was seriously pondering jumping in after me.  Pregnant lady gets pulled out of pool in goggles and swim cap.....would have been a sight to see!

27 Weeks today is what Chris shouted behind him as he left this morning.  Yes! 
Weekly comparison shots:


  1. Seriously laughed out loud at the sugar monsters and picturing these two twins with chocolate dripping down their face. ha ha! Love the belly progression pics! Not much longer now....I can't flippin wait to hold a tiny babies....and then give them back to you for the overnight. lol!!

  2. Still loving these updates! So happy to hear everything is going well.

  3. My kids all lifeguard and I sooo laughed at your last remark! Sounds like you are doing well and the boys are good-sized for 26 weeks! I had to do the longer diabetes test in my first pregnancy because I failed the first sugar challenge. I had bad dreams in the next pregnancies when the time came but no problem, even though the risk rises with parity. So the human body can be funny...

  4. You look amazing! I'm craving sweets like crazy right now too. I've found that cereal and graham crackers and fruit/yogurt/granola help, although they don't completely kill the craving. I'm nervous about my upcoming glucose test too, since I failed it the first time around with Mac. I love that your babies are so active and kick your husband! That cracks me up! My husband finally felt Mim move the other day and it's such a wonderful experience.


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