Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twin Pregnancy: 29 & 30 Weeks. Plus My Baby Shower!

29.5 Weeks at my Baby Shower

30 Weeks

I can't believe I'm showing this, but I may as well embrace it, stretchmarks and all. 
This is the first picture we've taken of the bare belly. 
Size of Babies/Size of Me/Dr Appointments:   We had another growth ultrasound at 29.5 weeks.  Baby A is in the same position, head down (very low), facing in, spine out and I can feel his butt bulging out on my upper right side all the time.  His heartbeat was 152 and his weight is estimated to be 3 lbs 7 oz.  He is in the 62nd percentile. 
Baby B is head down now (or at least he was for this ultrasound).  At first he was almost transverse coming sideways up across my belly but at the end of the ultrasound his feet were up top.  His heartbeat was 161 and his weight estimated at 3 lbs 10 oz.  He is in the 79th percentile. 
It was great to find out where they are because I’m constantly feeling kicking and movement below my rib cage so I'm happy to know that is two sets of feet.  Also, I feel a lot of pressure low and on my bladder making it hard to walk sometimes and now I know that is from not one, but two heads pressing on it! 
We also met with the nurse practioner and my blood pressure was great and I had lost 2 more lbs. That puts the weight gain at 20 which I know is hard to believe looking at the size of that belly above.  She said that was a good weight gain and not too little. I'm thinking now that I'm balancing out my food better, that may help control all the weight that comes on at the end. We'll see. Not that I'm trying to lose weight, but it would be easier in the end to not have to lose it afterwards! Let's face it, this belly is going to need a major overhaul!  (Update:  As of yesterday's weight check with my diabetic educator, I am back up the 4 lbs).
38 weeks is the Dr.'s goal mark for delivery so we decided we should probably start saying our due date is June 4th, maybe? Lungs are fully developed at 38 weeks so while they won't say they "induce" on this date, I bet I wouldn't go past 38 weeks as otherwise it isn't good for the babies. Starting after 32 weeks I will have appts twice a week for ultrasounds and non-stress tests. For the non-stress test they will hook monitors up to each baby and I guess I press a button each time I feel kick/movement and then they will check babies' heartrates at that time and make sure they aren't in distress. As long as each appt goes well, babies will stay put.
Gestational Diabetes:  Well, I failed my one hour and three hour gestational diabetes test.  It was a shock and I had a no good, very bad, very sad, crying day over it.  Probably my first of many feelings of 'Mommy Guilt' thinking I could have done something to prevent it.  I know I've pressed the sugar button a lot this pregnancy, but it has still been in moderation and overall we eat pretty good.  We write a food blog about cooking at home for crying out loud!  After a day and doing some reading online, Chris helped me pick myself back up and start to tackle it.  We met right away with the diabetes educator.  There really isn't much I have to change with my diet, just adding more protein to the meals I eat and snacking a lot more throughout the day.  I have to prick my finger and test my blood sugar 4X a day (upon waking, 2 hrs after breakfast, 2 hrs after lunch and 2 hrs after dinner).  In between each meal I should be eating a small snack 3X a day.  I need to have carbs with every meal, but balance it with some kind of protein.
For the most part I've been able to control my numbers with the change in eating.  But where I'm struggling is my fasting number upon waking which is still too high.  This is insulin resistance in the background due to the sugar that the body and hormones are making on their own and cannot be controlled by diet.  So, in order to control that I've now been put on more thing to keep track of!  Although as of right now I am just taking a small dose at night.  I figure I've taken over 200 shots in the last two years, so this insulin shot is really nothing.  And I gotta do what I gotta do! 
I've learned to love a few snacks I never really tried before:  grapes with string cheese, vanilla greek yogurt with strawberries & cashews, whole wheat toast with natural unsalted peanut butter and sugar free pudding.  I look forward to my pudding snack every night.  I've also been pairing deli meat with things since it is a good protein. Feels good to be eating deli meat/sandwiches again.  I don't feel I've had to alter much since food-wise everything I need to eat is what I already eat/like. Dinners really remain the same.  It was the snacking and protein I had to increase and changing breakfast.  No more fresh juice......that really ups my number in the morning.  I do miss the sweets a bit, but I also eat a lot with this meal plan so don't feel hungry for the sweets.  Plus I can add them later on I'm sure once I get a hang of my blood sugar levels and how diff foods affect it. 
And I've actually felt better this last week (aches and pains of pregnancy aside).  I do feel pretty confident now that it really isn't anything I was doing, but rather with the two placentas taking over everything, the body just can't break down the sugars like usual.

Milestones: We finished our Marvelous Multiples classes.  All were very interesting and we learned so much.  Luckily I don't think we got the crap scared out of us about labor, but it really did open our eyes.  I can honestly say I have no opinion on natural or cesarean birth.....both have their goods and bads if you ask me.  I'll be happy with whatever option delivers two healthy babies.  Another milestone is I actually felt a true case of hiccups. Pretty sure it was Baby A as felt them very low.  Gosh, they hiccup fast!  It went on for a few minutes so even Chris got to feel.  Since then it has happened a few more times.
Aches and Pains: Babies must have had a growth spurt this past Sunday/Monday as I was so tired both days and they were moving and kicking up a storm.  Days like that really do take a lot out of me and I'm not worth much.  Grocery shopping on Sunday I couldn't wait to get back home and lay down.  Back is also sore after a long day and I've been sitting down when I can during making dinner.  Some days I am literally huffing and puffing trying to get myself in bed feeling so tired and worn out.  Luckily this isn't everyday yet.
What I Miss/Things I'm craving:  Juice.  I really miss having juice in the morning for breakfast.  Water just gets so boring and believe me, I drink a ton of it.  I was told that flavored waters would be ok, so might try that.  Or, I can do the juice and then take a fast acting insulin at the same time which could help to regulate my blood sugar as it is juice and fruit that really spikes it for me.  The good thing about this is that my Dr. said they don't want to deprive me of anything, so we just have to work to find ways to be able to have these things in moderation but keep the blood sugar down.  I also miss having energy all the time.
Worries:  Chris recently asked me if I'm starting to worry or get anxiety about labor or bringing babies home.  I don't think I really am yet.  I'm still focused on getting through the remainder pregnancy and just want to be able to maintain a healthy environment for me and babies.  It is still a one day at a time process for me with short-term goals week to week.  I just want to be able to work as long as I can, stay comfortable as long as I can and still be able to get out and enjoy myself before babies are here without being too tired.  I had a great day last Saturday, brunch with a friend, errands, playtime with Liam, Lily and Anna and then even still had energy for a date night with Chris for dinner downtown at Ginger and ice cream (kiddie scoop) at Purple Door.  (Both places were AMAZING by the way and my blood sugar was within limits after it!)  But then I've had a few rough days this week and that makes me nervous if they start to stick around.  
Sleep:  Sleep has been pretty good up until the last few nights.  Just starting to feel restless and turning is becoming a real chore.  I'll start each night by sleeping about 1.5-2 hours max until I have to get up and use the bathroom or my sore hips wake me up.  Then its a lot of grunting again to switch sides, rearrange pillows and get comfortable to be up again shortly.  The sore hips are getting pretty bad with the extra weight and belly will be sore also from lying on my side even when I try to support it with pillows.  I'm still in bed all night and not having to sleep sitting up yet and I want to keep it that way.  Chris on the other hand is starting to feel phased out in bed with so many pillows, etc.  We'll see how much longer we make it before he has to sleep in the spare room if things get more uncomfortable and I need to completely take over the bed.  
Notable Moments:  My baby shower of course!  Thrown by my sisters, my friend Denise and the Grandmothers-to-be.  It was at Cafe Lulu in Bayview and was perfect, perfect, perfect.   Great food by Cafe Lulu, a red velvet cake from Delicately Delicious in Cedarburg (my fave kind of cake), a relaxed environment and surrounded by excited friends and family.  The gifts were generous and there was a crazy-ton of them.  We are very grateful.   

Now for some baby shower pics:

With the Excited Grandmas

Hosted by my lovely sisters and best friend Denise
Red velvet cake, great food and enough gifts for quintuplets!
I'm lucky to have such supportive and generous friends 
I am 31 weeks today.  Hope I get to post again in another two weeks!


  1. Great memory of shower. My favorite pic ever of both of us. You are my hero for keeping hope and faith a constant goal in becoming a Mother. God bless youm

  2. Looks like you are doing great. I think you did more last Saturday than I did not pregnant. Take care!

  3. Only 20 pds girl! You look AMAZING!!! Keep rocking it out Momma! You are doing so amazing. MUCH LOVE!


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