Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Twin Pregnancy - Weeks 27 and 28

27 Weeks
28 Weeks

Size of Babies:  My next ultrasound is in a week at 30 weeks so we'll know how much they grew in the last month soon.  I did hear their heartbeats at my glucose appt at 28 weeks (A was 136ish and B was 140ish).  I also asked to see the babies today so that I could figure out where they were positioned to know where the kicks and pain are coming from.  They are basically in a circle.  The pressure on my bladder is Baby A's head and he comes up around the right side with butt sticking out and feet above belly button.  I knew that hard spot on my right side was likely a butt.  Baby B's head is right where A's feet are and his spine faces out along the left side with feet at bottom of belly at Baby A's head.  I definitely feel kicks down below there so that is him.  I always feel tons of movement at the top below my rib cage and that is likely them fighting over space.  One's feet and the other's head and arms.  This time Baby A's heartbeat was higher in 140's and Baby B in 130's.  However, a student took the heartbeats so I feel like it wasn't entirely accurate?  Baby B was almost looking right at us and we got to see him open and close his mouth.  So damn awesome. 

Milestones:  I'd say just all the kicking and movement.  Love that Chris can feel it and I love that now you can see it from the outside.  I want to catch it on video.  Feels great to be reassured they are in there and that they are ok.  We also started our 3 part Marvelous Multiples class and learned so much in just the first class, I'm looking forward to the next 2, plus our breastfeeding class.

Aches and Pains:  Dare I say the glory days are over from my previous posts where I say I love pregnancy and have no complaints?  Well, I still love pregnancy and being that this may be my first and last pregnancy, I absolutely do not want to wish it away.  However, since my last post some of the pains have really set in.  First, nausea and being tired are back, just like the first trimester.  It happens around lunchtime or later in the afternoon and I'm back on the ginger ale for it which helps.  I've also been feeling lots of pressure and tightening, some of which are Braxton hicks contractions.  I'm fine as long as I don't have more than 6 an hour, it's just that babies are running out of room in there and when they move or push, the uterus gets irritated and tightens.  Also, the swollen ankles/calves have started up.  This is a big bummer for me since I've always had my skinny legs at least and I hate to see them look so swollen even if it's just temporary.  To me that is worse than the stretch marks.  It's usually only when I've had a long day and when I have to wear socks. 
I have great energy in the mornings and can make it through the work days still.  Once I get home it is back in bed for at least 30 mins to an hour to let the belly rest and put the feet up.  There are good days and bad days, but the bad days do seem to be more frequent.  The belly just seems so heavy by days end.  I must have had a growth spurt one day as I was in bed at 5:30 till 9:00 and then back in bed at 10:00, just feeling awful. 
I bought two belly belts to maybe help with the heavy belly pain.  One that just goes under my belly and above my hips on my back, almost like something a person would wear who moves furniture or lifts heavy things.  The other one is very sexy and is the belly belt/cradle, but one with straps that come up over my shoulders like a pair of suspenders.  I wear this baby just around the house.  So far I think they help as I was able to do things around the house last Sat without feeling so winded and sore after just an hour.  I keep telling Chris it is just going to get uglier around here, poor guy hasn't seen the sexy for awhile, just lots of groaning and body changes.  Lol.  Another example of this is that I had to buy granny panty briefs that were frickin huge and after I put on the first pair and showed Chris, we were both cracking up when he told me I looked like Walter White from Breaking Bad.  Ha!

Glucose Test:  Well, I failed my first glucose test at 28 weeks.  The number for twins should be below 135 and I was at 135.  Boo.  That means I have to take the 3 hour test which I am currently doing as I write this entry.  I'm not too worried since it isn't like my number was way off the charts, so we'll see.  I'll say that I'm eating some cake at my shower this weekend no matter what!!  I was also told I need to take an iron supplement as my hemoglobin level was lower than they would like.  This wasn't a surprise to me since I've been told my several doctors that my iron count was low.  I don't eat a lot of red meat, but I do eat a lot of leafy vegetables so I wish that would counter it.  The iron pills are supposed to be constipating so I'm not looking forward to that.  In fact, I'm hoping to talk to a nurse today about just changing my diet instead.  I won't get the glucose test results till tomorrow which is a bummer because there is a Culver's next door to here and I was hoping to get this Mama Bear a small scoop of ice cream if I passed.   

What I Miss/Things I Crave:  Probably the same two things as my last update:  Sugar and Energy. 

The nice weather on Sunday had me really craving Georgie Porgie's and some ice cream.  Last night I needed a snack and everything in my house staring back at me had sugar in it.  I settled for celery with natural peanut butter.  It was good, but the Easter M&M's on my table would have been better.  I did fall off the wagon one night and dived into the M&M's (just 2 handfuls).  Chris compared me to Denzel Washington's character in Flight, an alcoholic who gets left in a hotel room and succumbs to all the booze going on a complete bender.  My version wasn't that bad, but there are some nights were I am really jonesing for something sweet!  It's so strange too since I've always been one to reach for the salty chips before the cookies.

I went to the Mall both weekends (I need some new spring maternity clothes) and made it about 1.5 hour each time before my belly hurt and walking became a waddle so I had to call it quits.  I even wore my maternity belt one time which did help a bit.  Slowing down is nice, but on a Saturday I'm used to go-go-go so it's difficult to throw in the towel so easily.  But now is the time to listen to my body and rest so that is what I am doing. And I do love to crawl into bed because I have too, not because I'm being lazy.

Worries:  Been thinking about what happens once we are all home lately.  Like getting them on a schedule.  It's still so unbelievable to me that this is happening, I feel I really haven't processed it yet.  We've read tons of pregnancy books just focusing on what is happening now, that we need to start planning for what happens after.  I also worry about pre-term labor a bit.  I really would like for babies to be born at 6 lbs. each.  Or at least 5.5 lbs.  That means I want them in there for as long as possible.  A June 1st bday at 37.5 weeks would be perfect. 

Sleep:  Still getting about 8 hours a night.  Wake up bathroom trips are about 3 times but I fall back to sleep pretty easily.  I'm still spending all night in bed and haven't had to move to a sitting up position in a recliner yet.  Round ligament pain is back so I get up very, very slowly to not feel like I pulled a muscle or fall over once I stand.  I've started taking a shower at night around 8:30 which is a good routine as it relaxes me for bedtime and I notice the boys' movement will really calm down after a hot shower so it must relax them too for bedtime.  I like trying to keep a nice, quiet environment for them at this time of night.

Notable Moments:  A couple of memorable moments this week.  The first being that Chris caught me standing in front of the mirror admiring my big belly in disbelief after a shower one night.  I think we both have moments where things just feel very real and it surprises us and my growing, moving belly is usually the source of those moments.  Turning side to side in the mirror, I kept exclaiming how big the belly was, laughing and saying I can't believe it and how its just going to get bigger.  I sat down and Chris leaned in above me and said "we would have been begging for this a year ago, you look beautiful" and gave me a kiss and said his usual "love you babe".   
We also had our first multiples class where we learned about labor and pain management so far.  The teacher kept saying labor is the hardest work you're ever going to do and at one point had us sit face to face on chairs and said that phrase again and then said to the husbands that even though you have to look at the person you love in so much pain and know that you can't take it away, the best you can do for her in these moments is to look her in the eye and tell her how good she's doing, talk to her about something to take her mind off it, tell her how much you love her, etc.  Well, tender moments like this make me a big pile of mush so I knew that the moment she had us sit facing each other that I was probably going to start to cry.  Well Chris knew it too and the second he looked at me to get started, he said are you going to cry and I had to bury my head through the tears.  Well I think that got a few of the other wives in the class to cry too.  I quickly recovered and it felt kind of good to let it out. 
I think I was also emotional as before this the teacher said that babies will recognize our voice the most and that once they are born and if they hear either of our voices and someone else's voice, like a nurse or something, they will try turning their head to find our voice over anybody else's as that is what is going to comfort them.  I had to choke back the tears picturing this which is probably why they came so easily later on.
Well that is 27 and 28 weeks and my appointment is almost over!!  Exciting things coming up are my baby shower this weekend!!!


  1. I hope you pass the glucose test today and enjoy some Culver's after!

  2. I am really going to miss your blog about pregnancy but hoping you find time to send pics and blog about the fellas. This blog is the highlight of the week for me. I am finding it emotional to think they will be here soon so lets not look each other in the eye! You will be a great parents. Take it slow and let them grow. Excited for your shower.

  3. Omg...first off the Walter White comment and the Flight reference had me cracking up! Then getting tear'y eyed at the comment Chris made about wishing for this moment a year ago. Good entry! Seriously can't wait for your shower this weekend!!!

  4. I love reading along Erica! You look beautiful and I'm so excited for you :)

  5. Wow, definitely experienced some moments I've only seen in the movies I'd say! The part about the babies hearing the voices teared me up & they aren't even mine. You look great, just keep taking care of yourself & they will let you know when their ready! So excited for you to be the Star of your Shower this weekend! Xo

  6. Oy boy this brings back memories. I had crazy (seriously) Braxton Hicks contractions from week 22 on - like constantly more than 6 an hour. We were in the hospital to check that out three separate times and every time all was ok. I fully expected to be put on bed rest and it never happened. Anyway, that's awesome that you have a multiples class near you, I wish that is something they offered here. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask!!

  7. Oh wow, it does bring back memories. Almost want another baby now--okay not. You are doing beautifully!

  8. Oh, what a sweet post. I love these updates. I think you look amazing! I can't even imagine how heavy a twin belly must be. I remember those last few weeks of being pregnant with Mac thinking that I could barely move. Hang in there, mama! You're doing awesome!


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