Sunday, November 18, 2012

Simple in Lake Geneva

I bought a Groupon recently for an overnight stay in our favorite getaway city of Lake Geneva.  Chris was running the 5K Turkey Trot at Big Foot Beach State Park this past weekend so we decided this would be a perfect opportunity to use it.  Big Foot Beach State Park is the campground we stay at every summer when we go kayaking.  The lake was so quiet this time of year and sadly I saw no party barge like we do in the summer, just one lone fishing boat.
We ate dinner at Geno's Friday night which was in our hotel and then just watched one of the DVDs they were offering with the Groupon.  We watched the movie "Man on a Ledge".  It was terrible, I do not recommend.  Still enjoyable to get away and just relax in our hotel room.
The next morning we headed to the Park for the 5K.  I should have signed up to do it too even if all I do is walk it since there were several walkers and Chris says the scenery is really beautiful.  I felt a little cold and lazy just watching him!  Here he is heading towards the finish line.  I was so focused on trying to take pictures since I screwed them up at the Warrior Dash, that I forgot to be cheering him on as he passed.  He said he waved to me and I didn't even notice!  I'm so proud of his ambition and dedication to being fit!  He looks better than ever.

After checking out of our hotel we stopped to eat at Simple, a breakfast and lunch cafe that focuses on using locally grown, seasonal ingredients and serving food with inventive twists.  I was first here a few months ago with girlfriends and we ate off their summer menu and this time got to order off their fall menu. 

The decor in the place reminded me of Cheeky's the breakfast/lunch cafe we ate at in Palm Springs.  I tried to take some pics with my cell phone that didn't do the place justice or turned out fuzzy.  It is very colorful with yellows and oranges on one side and greens and purples on the other side.  All the chairs are lime green too.  The whole place just had a very vibrant, wholesome feel with super cute decorations too.  The menu also reminded us both of the Barclay Gallery and Garden Cafe that we used to eat at when we lived downtown in the Third Ward.  We were very sad when it closed as it was our favorite.
Service was excellent as well.  They were full the entire time and were really cranking the food out of there. 
I opted for the Carnitas Tomatillo Sandwich.  The shredded pork was moist and served atop some smashed black beans and then topped with tomatillo sauce, pico de gallo, mozzarella cheese, swiss chard, kale and shaved cabbage.  It was a full sandwich so I had to eat it with a knife and fork.  They  served it alongside overnight oven roasted potatoes.  I typically opt for the savory over the sweet when we go out for breakfast and if we are on the border of lunchtime, I will always go the lunch route.  I am definitely not one of those people that would ever subscribe to the "breakfast for dinner" option.

Chris went for the sweet after running a 5K and had the Apple Crumble French Toast.  Cinnamon baked apples and a cider reduction infused with maple syrup.  A teenage boy next to us was served two orders of thick fluffy pancakes and when we looked at all that food when it was set down, his Dad or older brother said "he is a growing boy" as he laughed with us.  The pancakes were so pretty and perfect, I wish I could have asked him if I could snap a picture without looking like some nerdy, scary old lady.   

We spent the rest of the day with family and attended our first Quinceneara.  Today we bought our turkey as we are cooking Thanksgiving for the first time for our parents this year.  A good weekend indeed.


  1. Each time I see you post about Big Foot Beach State Park, I'm more convinced that I need to visit. In fact, I don't think I've ever visited Lake Geneva.

    I can relate to the pressure of photographing races. I screwed up the first couple triathlons that my husband raced in, luckily he did quite a few before the Ironman, so I had time to practice :)

    1. It is a "dry" state park, but we usually sneak in a few adult beverages.

  2. Dad and I will have to look up this new restaurant. The food looks delicious. A great day to be outside especially in Lake Geneva.

  3. Love Lake Geneva! Next time we go, I will definitely check out Simple for lunch. It sounds delicious and I love the local focus. It's not always that easy to find a healthy place to eat in LG (at least in my opinion).

    Good luck cooking your Thanksgiving meal!

  4. I love Lake Geneva! That's where I ran my half marathon and it was beautiful!

  5. I have never been to Lake Geneva either. Sounds like a great weekend--that sandwich looks sooo good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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